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Let's Cut to the Chase

There are many variables in any voice-acting project and providing accurate rates can be challenging off-the-cuff. We highly recommend you contact SpeakinPeeps Voice Overs about your project.

Why Choose Us

We’ve been told that we are great folks to work with and we value our clients. Our company believes in the quality of our voice-overs. We also love auditioning for roles because it’s a great way to strengthen and expand our vocal range.

So even if you decide we're not the voice for your project, we get to stretch, and you get to hear a fresh take for your VO needs!

Does it get any better?

Your actual mileage may vary. Having said this, below is a general guide to our basic voice-over rates.

Rate Summary

Project Market Rate


Local $100 /:15
National $350 /:15


Local $50 /:15
National $225 /:15


WWW $25/min
Non-Broadcast In-House $50/min

For perspective, the following are some links to what are generally considered “guidelines” for union and non-union rates in the voice-over industry: