Jody & Paul

Why Hire Us for Your Next Voice-Over Project

About Jody’s Career

After working in New York City for many years in the merchandising division of one of the top five cosmetic companies in the world, Jody knows a thing or two about marketing.

She has experience in helping clients determine their true objectives and maintain high standards. Jody has also shared with them the importance of branding and delivering a quality product every time. (Jody also knows how to avoid the deepest, slushiest puddles before stepping off the curb...but that's another story.)

Since then, Jody’s moved on from that great metropolis and has gone after a quieter, simpler life.

Her Vocal Repertoire

She was the former “Voice of the Saints”
in her local high school.

Each day, Jody broadcasted to hundreds of students, teachers, and administrators. She kept them informed, encouraged, and sometimes, even entertained. Eventually, Jody developed a vocal repertoire that was as unique as she was.

Jody’s Dedication

As one-half—the better half?
—of the SpeakinPeeps team.

Jody promises to deliver her very best voice-over work to each client. Each time a client chooses SpeakinPeeps Voice Overs for a project, she is honored because her voice becomes the client’s, along with her reputation.

Give her demos a listen and if you like what you hear, contact our company today. You might be pleasantly surprised by how good she is.

About Paul’s Career

In the mornings, Paul’s voice sounds deep and growly, and a little silky in the evenings. He used to sing in a middle-of-the-road rock band in the North Jersey to New York City club circuit. (MYX for those of you who remember him from the mid-80s…he just might have some 45s left for sale!)

Throughout his career, Paul learned many lessons on how to use his voice. He even learned how to dodge flying glassware!

Later on, he became a technical engineer in the New York City post-production recording industry and learned way too much about recording. In his opinion, it made him a perfectionist about his audio chain. Paul’s wife calls it OCD, but either way, it’s an advantage for clients.

Experience as a Technical Engineer

During the years of the great analog to digital conversion, Paul was in the recording studio industry.

In fact, his studio took delivery of the very first Sony 3348 (48 track digital multitrack recorder) in New York City. As a result, the studio gained popularity for a wide variety of projects, ranging from commercial post-production voice-overs to feature-length motion picture soundtracks.

While these years were exciting, they were also melancholy because the digital revolution marked the death of the big-ticket project studios.

Technology and Voice-Over Quality

Today, the technology Paul uses in his voice-over production facility makes it unnecessary for people to utilize high-dollar production studios.

Ultimately, the market wins. Clients in need of voiceovers can now receive high-quality projects at competitive prices.

Paul can generate voice-over audio files from his modest facility. Twenty-odd years ago, it would have required a $750,000 Solid State Logic (SSL) console, a $250,000 Sony 3348, and tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of outboard gear.

He admits that he likes that because it gives Paul control over the quality of his voice-over project. Paul loves hearing himself recorded cleanly and really stretching his vocal comfort zone! He thinks it’s fun to listen to the playback especially if it sounds good to himself and the client.

On Auditions

Paul loves to try applying for various voice-over roles because even if he doesn’t get the gig, he gets to try new things which helps improve his skills. If you heard his demos but aren’t sure about working with him just yet, shoot him some copy and direction. Who knows? It just might seal the deal.